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Miami Parking Lot Drain Cleaning

Parking lot floods are caused by inadequate maintenance.

To be sure a parking lot drainage system functions properly, it should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Professional, preventive drain and catch basin cleaning is the key to minimizing the risk of property damage and unnecessary expense. When parking lot drain cleaning is performed as a part of regular property maintenance, the amount of time required and the material disposal volume are both greatly reduced, which results in simpler, lower cost service.

Parking lot floods are caused by inadequate maintenance.

So that proper service needs may be correctly identified, it is useful to be familiar with drain types and terms. A parking lot drain is often referred to as a catch basin, storm drain or French drain. A catch basin is designed to drain excess water from a parking lot and/or street and contains debris material that will not readily flow through sewer pipes. The catch basin helps keeps pollutants and debris out of the local sewer system. A French drain is a trench-design drain that is filled with stones or rock which filter larger debris out of water flow headed to sewer pipes. A French drain may be built as either an underground or surface level passage. A storm drain is a type of sewer which carries off excess rainfall and groundwater from paved surfaces such as streets, parking lots and sidewalks.

In South Florida rain falls throughout the year and typical yearly rainfall average a substantial 62 inches.

Rainfall is heaviest in June through October, which is when most catch basin overflows, storm drain back-ups and parking lot floods occur. Parking lot drain cleaning is therefore recommended at least every two years.

Industrial vacuum trucks equipped with a variety of technical-grade nozzles utilize a combination of highly pressurized water and high-power suction to perform the heavy-duty job of catch basin and storm drain cleaning. Suction hoses can reach deep down into pipes and drains in order to remove thick, wet debris that can build up and cause blockages.

It’s important to regularly clean and service drainage systems.

If sand and debris routinely enter the system, expensive jetting of the lines and plumbing repairs may be called for. Once the storage area of a catch basin is over half-full it should be cleaned. Beyond that level, debris begins to flow into sewer pipes which then empty into detention basins or streams, allowing pollutants and unsuitable material into the water system. Cleaning and maintaining drainage systems is also vital to retaining the overall condition, integrity and value of a property.

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Drainage Quick Facts

The Drain Line Must Be Jetted!

There is more to than just sucking out the sand and leaving. The drainage lines need to be jetted everytime the catch basin is sucked out.

Storm Water Usually Drains Onsite

In most cases strom water fills up and drains into perferated drainage lines underneath the parking lot. Water does not usually go out to the city infastructure.

Cleanout Every 2 Years

The idea is to clean the storm drains before waste material reaches the drain line. If waste material has built up in the catch basin and is entering the drain line you can expect flooding.

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  • Drain Line Video Inspections
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